Calling all charities

La Fiaba has an offer that will help you to raise awareness, raise funds, AND have a great time!
On the First Wednesday of each month, we will be offering local Charities the opportunity to book our restaurant for your exclusive use.
We will supply a fixed price meal with a glass of wine for an all inclusive sum, £10-20 range, your choice. Your only commitment will be to take a minimum of 40 covers (Max 60 covers) at the price we agree.

We will then greet your guests and serve the meal to your timing, allowing you to give a talk etc and distribute literature about your Charity.
We will also supply three Bottles (E.g., Scotch, Sparkling Wine, Red Wine) and some raffle tickets.
You sell the raffle tickets at the evening and collect ALL monies raised.
At the end of the evening we also give you a further Donation of 20% of the covers taken less the wholesale price of the prizes.

IF you were to take 50 seats at £20 per head and made £5 per head from the raffle then you should take home approximately £400 for your Charity, have made a lot of new friends, and had a great time.

We will have been able to introduce our great food and service to new customers so everyone wins.

All you need to do is to register your interest in taking up this deal with us and we can schedule a Wednesday Exclusive for your Charity.