Our mission

Why do the Customers of La Fiaba del Mediterraneo leave with beaming smiles, eager to return?
It does not take a genius to work out that it is because the First Class Food and Service is matched by the friendly staff and the welcoming attitude of the owners.  The atmosphere and ambience is laid back, relaxed and welcoming and needs to be experienced.

Kosta, Francesco and Paul have brought over ninety years of bar and restaurant experience in over 120 countries into ensuring that your visit to La Fiaba del Mediterraneo will be as perfect as is possible for them to make it.  Our staff are younger but are handpicked for the enthusiasm they show for being a part of our “Family” and being willing and able to make you, our customers, also a part of the Family.

The food is prepared by handpicked chefs on the premises from fresh ingredients that are sourced locally wherever possible according to our patrons’ tastes, handpicked wines will complement the dishes and our waiting staff will be happy to make food and drink suggestions if you ask.

La Fiaba del Mediterraneo is not just another business in Caterham on the Hill, it is a shared passion, it is a healthy part of the Community and it is determined to bring the best of Mediterranean Food to “The Hill”.

We are happy to take advance bookings to ensure that your experience is not delayed at all on the night you want it.